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2019 CHD Awareness Walk

Thank you for visiting the fundraising page of Matthew's Crew!  Over the past three years, Matthew’s Crew has raised over $60,000 and this year we hope to top $20,000 again.  This cause is enormously near and dear to our hearts since our youngest son Matthew was born with a serious heart defect in September of 2015.  Since then, our family has become largely involved in the CHD Coalition, whose goal is to improve the quality of life, fund medical research, and unite and create a community for families where Congenital Heart Defects have impacted their lives.  

On September 9, 2015 we welcomed our son Matthew Daniel Luteran into this exciting world. However, our bluish toned baby boy started his amazing life much differently than his older brother.  He was 1 of 3,300 babies born every year with a critical heart defect called d-TGA (Transposition of the Great Arteries). This life-threatening condition requires corrective surgery within an infant’s first days of life to re-establish normal anatomy by switching the Pulmonary artery and the Aorta to the correct chambers of the heart. Our little heart warrior was born at NY Presbyterian Morgan Stanley Children's Hospital, where he would have his surgery performed by cardio-thoracic surgeon Dr. Jan Quaegebeur and cared for by the amazing team there. We were able to bring him home after only 13 days and he is considered "repaired" with lifelong monitoring. However, this single surgery and short stay in the NICU is not one all families are as fortunate to have. 

Matthew will turn 4 years old this fall, and unless you knew his story, you would think he was born a perfectly normal baby boy.  He enjoys playing with his superhero friends, going to preschool, riding his bike, swimming, reading books, and hitting baseballs with his Lightning McQueen bat.  He still loves to follow around his older brother Michael and tries to copy anything he does…good or bad.  I would be naive to think that if there weren’t parents/families/friends before us fundraising for research, Matthew likely would not be alive with the same quality of life today and we feel it’s our turn to improve the lives of those living with CHD and those that are yet to come.  

Please join us by walking with Matthew's Crew, donate to our cause, or simply learn about congenital heart defects that affect nearly 40,000 babies and their families every year.  Thank you again for all of your support.  


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