Dan Forman

Team Captain Jack's Pack 2019 CHD Awareness Walk

Thank you so much for your support of Jack’s Pack! We’re excited to be walking again this year to raise money for a cause so near and dear to us.

Jack is unquestionably a true CHD Warrior. At 2.5 months old, he had two open-heart surgeries to first repair and then ultimately replace his mitral valve with a Melody Valve. A month before his second birthday, he had his third open-heart surgery to alleviate pressure brought on by scar tissue and a sub-aortic membrane. Within the next year, he will likely have his fourth open-heart surgery to replace his Melody Valve – now getting too small – with a mechanical valve. But the surgeries are only part of his story.

In reality, Jack’s true defining quality is his indefatigable spirit, sweet disposition and ability to be a true expression of joy. It’s almost as though if you didn’t tell him, he would never know what he’s been through. We’ve been very fortunate to be blessed with a fantastic support system of family and friends, incredible medical and therapeutic providers, and the means and insurance to give Jack the best that’s available.

Over the past few years (and many trips to the hospital), we’ve realized that there is a strong and growing need to provide better education, increased research dollars and more resources to families facing these challenges – especially for those who may not be as fortunate as we are. Our hope in partnering with the CHD Coalition is to deliver on those fundamental needs and make the lives of these CHD Warriors and their families a little bit easier.

Every day we’re confronted with a sobering barrage of what is wrong with the world. But when I see these CHD Warriors and their families, interact with organizations like the CHD Coalition and most of all, when we look at our beautiful, strong, happy boy I can’t help but be overcome with what is right with the world.

Thank you for your support!


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