My name is Addison Lorraine Bigos! I was born on November 8th 2016 and I was born with CHD. My mommy and daddy found out on my 20 week ultrasound that something was wrong with my heart! The doctors sent my mom to a cardiologist and had my 1st, of many, echocardiograms to conclude that one side of my heart wasn’t growing properly. They call it “Tricuspid Stenosis” which means that my one valve is narrow. Tricuspid Stenosis restricts blood flow between the upper and lower part of the right side of the heart, or from the right atrium to the right ventricle. It sounds scary, but I’m very lucky and fortunate that they found this so early!

I’ve already had one open heart surgery and will most likely need one more in the near future, But that’s it! These doctors helped save my life when I was only 7 days old! I’m very fortunate that I have the love and support from my parents and my baby brother along with my dog Brody! They are my number one supporters!

CHD Coalition has been a wonderful program that’s helped me and my family in numerous way and we've made numerous friends along the way! Please help me, so I can help other families with CHD. Some are not as lucky as I am and my family and I always try to promote awareness and will help to try find the cause of this!


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