Becca Cooperman

Team Captain Carters Crew 2019 CHD Awareness Walk

Our rollercoaster began when Carter was born 9 weeks early on 1/19/19 -due to maternal high blood pressure and other maternal health complications. He was born at 3 pounds 3 ounces , and needed to be intubated for the first three weeks of his life. At a week old we were told he had a moderate size VSD ( hole in his heart)  and that he would be followed by a cardiologist to see if surgery was necessary in the future. Throughout his NICU stay he also developed a very rare cardiac arrhythmia. Many of the cardiologists at one of the best hospitals in NYC said that they have never treated a baby with this arrhythmia, and have never seen this arrhythmia in conjunction with a VSD. Carter was in the NICU until April 3rd 2019 when they let us take our baby boy home.. only to rush him back to the emergency room less then 48 hours later. We knew something wasn't right with our boy and thank god we did!  We were told that Carter was in total heart failure and would need open heart surgery  We were shocked that the best NICU in all of NYC would let our son be discharged while in heart failure. We were devastated to say the least. We had him transferred to Columbia hospital and on April 15th 2019 Carter had open heart surgery. As with everything else in Carters journey his recovery did not follow the norm. Most babies in Carters position are intubated for a day or two and continue to rapidly recover. Carter was intubated post surgery for 10 days.  He was not recovering the way the doctors anticipated he would, or wanted him to. They even sent the heart failure team to talk to us about potential need for heart transplants. 10 days after his surgery he decided it was time to wake up and recover, and since then he made a miraculous recovery that even the doctors were astonished by. He was discharged from the hospital on May 3rd, and came home for good. His heart is now functioning perfectly and he is an adorable, well behaved, amazing baby that we are SO proud to call ours.  We are hoping to raise money in honor of Carters strength , determination and journey in hopes of bringing awareness and obtaining life saving research to help other babies and children born with CHD. 



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