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Hello, my name is Travis Curry and I'm working to raise $1000 during the month of July to support the CHD Coalition. 
My 30th birthday is on July 16th, which hitting 30 is quite the milestone in someone's life and to celebrate, I want to make an impact and do something to help others. I want to bring awareness about Congenital Heart Defects (CHD) and raise money to fund research and help those affected by CHDs. A Congenital Heart Defect is a problem with the structure of the heart and is present at birth. There are many kinds of CHDs, some are simple and require little to no treatment while others are more complex and require life-saving treatments and operations soon after birth. 
My family recently became a member of the CHD Community. My sister and absolute best friend, Allison Roth and her husband Phil are expecting a beautiful baby girl this July. During their 20 week anatomy scan, the sonogram technician and doctor found a hole in my unborn niece's heart. A follow up appointment with a fetal heart doctor found that my niece also has Truncus Arteriosus. This is a rare CHD, where the baby's heart only has 1 valve that pumps blood in and out of the heart. My niece will have to undergo open heart surgery within the first few days of her life. There have been many hiccups and curve balls thrown our way, and my niece is already a strong little fighter! I am hopeful that she will grow up to be a strong and inspiring woman, just like her mother. This has been a scary time for my family but my sister and niece are in great care with a wonderful team of doctors at University of Maryland Medical Center who have been absolutely fantastic throughout the last few months. 
Since my sister is due sometime in July, this makes me feel very connected to my niece already. (Yaaasss July babies!)
I'm raising money the entire month of July but I'd love to reach my goal of $1000 by my birthday, July 16th! The greatest birthday gift I could receive is your participation in this fundraiser! 
The money you donate will go toward something good! I've decided to work with CHD Coalition because it is run by parents and family members of children with a CHD. After searching through various charities and organizations I felt really connected with CHD Coalition and I knew that the money donated would go toward things that are needed in the CHD Community. 
You can check out a series of Red & Pink themed images that I've shot to bring attention to this fundraiser on my Instagram, @radtrav. I will continue to post images to spark interest and raise awareness about CHD’s throughout the month of July.


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